Welcome Kappa Class!


On Saturday, November 6, 2016, we welcomed the Kappa class to the Mu Pi chapter. While they are not yet officially brothers, we love them already!

This class has already shown so much promise in all of our eyes. There is definitely something special about this class and I can see big things coming for the Mu Pi chapter in the very near future.

To our alumni:

This chapter is going to be in great hands this year and in the future. Our recruiting classes are getting stronger and stronger and we know they are going to develop the legacies you put into place for us.

To the current chapter members:

Welcome the new class with open arms. Say hi to them at rehearsals. Take them out to coffee. Invite them to chapter meetings and our events. These are our future brothers and we should start welcoming them into our special Mu Pi brotherhood.

To new and old big brothers: Love your little! We are all in this together, but sometimes we need the encouragement of a single person, and that is our big. It is our job to encourage our little to be the best brother they can be, as well as make sure their life doesn’t fall apart because of KKPsi. Whether it be studying together, notes of encouragement, or a small message on Facebook, be there for your little no matter what and always be on their side. If you aren’t on their side, how can anyone else be?

To the incoming Kappa Class:

Trust your big, trust your family, and trust your brothers. We have been through the process and we have been in the chapter for years. Odds are, one of us knows what you are going through and we can all help you through it. Even if it is not KKPsi related, lean on your brothers. We are there for you like family.

Get involved in the chapter. Run for positions, go to district events, help with chapter events, and wear your letters proud (once you get them). This bond we create in this chapter is for life. Once you become a part of it, you are part of it. So why not create memories that you will remember forever? Be an executive team member and create a chapter norm. Be a committee chair and fix a problem that has been wrong for years. Help with a service project and help make a difference. Your level of involvement is up to you, but you need to get involved.

Always remember why you are joining KKPSI. You chose to go through membership education for a reason. Remember that reason as you go throughout this process. Whether it be to get to know people in band better, change the world through service, or just implement a really cool fundraiser; remember why you are joining Kappa Kappa Psi. This reason will stick with you the rest of your life.

Welcome Kappa Class! You are going to do amazing things with Mu Pi, and all of our brothers, actives to alums, are excited to see all you accomplish during your time in this chapter!

Kaila Nichols-Howell

Mu Pi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi

Active from 2015-Present

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