Adrian Lopez

Major: Psychology and Sociology

Graduated: June 2016

Instrument: Tenor Sax

Class: Zeta

Family: Huntting

Big: Foster Kizer

Little: Zachary Fitzgerald

Leadership Positions: Brotherhood Committee Chair, 2014-2016

Fun Fact: Well, I was selected early in the 2012 Mu Pi draft by the Huntting Family, an all guy family. Together, Tyrone aka Robert and I were the only two in the family. Then in the 2013 draft we selected early Zach then we made a decision that changed the family forever….Tyrone selected the first girl: Morgan Wright. It was pretty cool to be an all guy family of two for a few months, but this family has only gotten better over the years. We had lunch dates, sleepovers, parties and spent countless hours together. We have also held the title #BestFamily since 2012, so that’s pretty cool. A more specific fact about me is that I grew up in the foster care system and that is part of the reason I chose a psychology/sociology field. I wanted to help people like those that helped me. I thought about a field in communications because I know how important it is to talk and understand others and a degree in that field could take me anywhere. But I was more drawn to the social sciences field. I guess that isn’t a ‘fun’ fact. A FUN Fact about me is I have the most adorable kitty named Marley who is a real jerk sometimes but I still love him.

If you were a cereal, what cereal would you be and why?: Honestly, I am not much of a cereal eater. Usually I just drink a cup of coffee and eat some toast. Or I’ll get up early and make eggs and hash-browns. Some days I like pancakes or waffles but those are only for special occasions. Cereal used to be my favorite, but I just can’t do it anymore. If I had to decide it would be really hard. It depends on the day. Some days I’m exciting and crazy so I would be something like ‘Fruit Loops’. I like to be whacky and the center of attention. Other days I just want to sit back on the shelf and just watch without anyone seeing me. On those days I would be just plain ‘Cheerios’. Some days I sit back but you know I am there for you, like when you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to hug. Those days I would definitely be ‘Cinnamon Toast Crunch’ because it is a ‘feel-good’ cereal. But then there are those days where just one wrong word and I’ll get angry. Those days I would be ‘Raisin Bran’ because honestly, who likes that? Grouchy people. That’s who. Overall, cereal changes day to day, because I am always changing. I don’t like being constant. It makes it too easy for the government to track you if you pick just one (O.o)