Mu Pi is hosting WAGON 2021!

We will be hosting Virtual WAGON 2021 on March 21st from 11am to 3pm! You can register and find more information here on this website. Check the WAGON 2021 tab above to find out more. We will keep this website updated with the most up to date information. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at Go Ducks!

Begone, Trash!


Brothers (and one recruit!) pose with the thicc bag of litter we picked up from around the School of Music in late November. We cleanup in and around the building every once in a while to make sure the place is looking nice/ is disinfected from germs during cold and flu season. Striving for cleanliness, one could say.


Brother(s) of the Week 2/19/2018

We have so many amazing brothers in the Mu Pi Chapter that we couldn’t pick just one brother for #membershipmonday! This week’s #membershipmonday is Amelia Delgado. Amelia is a Senior at the University of Oregon and majoring in Biological Anthropology. Amelia was in the OMB for three years. One year in the color guard section and two years in the flute section. She is the current brotherhood chair in the Mu Pi chapter. Amelia’s favorite part about being a brother is that she “loves helping the bands and getting to know [her] brothers at all of the fun brotherhood events”. #aea #mupikky #kky #brotherhood

This week’s #membershipmonday is Sarah Dumolt. Sarah is a Senior at the University of Oregon and is majoring in Psychology and minoring in music. Sarah was in the alto saxophone section for four years and alto saxophone section leader for one year. Sarah has held two positions in the Mu Pi chapter as OMB relations and Treasure Fairy. She joined KKPsi “because [she] is very passionate about service and wanted to be able to give something back to the University and the band program”. #aea #mupikky #kkpsi #brorherhood

Megan Gillum: Brother of the Week 1/29/18

This week’s #membershipmonday is Megan! Megan is a 5th year at the University of Oregon and is majoring in Psychology and minoring in music. Megan is an alumni of the Oregon Marching Band and the music committee chair of Mu Pi. Megan joined KKΨ because she wanted “to do [her] best to help improve the band in anyway [she] could and service is very important to [her]”. #aea #mlitb #mupikky