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President – Michelle Sanders

The Chapter president presides at all meetings of the chapter and shall be a member ex officio of all chapter committees. The President signs all checks for monies disbursed and signs all contracts and other instruments of business involving the chapter. The Chapter president is designated as the official representative of the chapter whenever such representation is required and prepares and sends all reports to the National Executive Director of the Fraternity.

Vice President – Marshall Verney

The Chapter Vice President, in the absence of the President, presides at meetings of the chapter and shall advance the purposes of the Fraternity as stated in the Preamble of the Constitution by promoting the work of the chapter as performed by its several officers and committees. The Chapter Vice President is responsible for the educating, training, and initiation of all members, unless another officer has been elected to that duty.

Recording Secretary – Kayla Golka

The Recording Secretary is responsible for keeping a record of chapter and executive minutes and making sure that these minutes are available to all members of the chapter. They must also keep a permanent record of past and present members and maintain a record of attendance at all meetings.

Alumni Relations and Corresponding Secretary (ARC) – Monike Castro

The Alumni Relations and Corresponding Secretary serves as a corresponding liaison between the Chapter and the Western District and National Headquarters, as well as all associated districts and chapters. The ARC is also responsible for dispensing life membership applications, facilitating alumni activities, and creating a biannual newsletter to be distributed to all alumni and honorary members.

Treasurefairy – Abby Olivera-Ruiz

The Chapter Treasurefairy controls the receipts and disbursements of all monies of the chapter, and submits recommendations concerning the financial policies of the chapter as may be required. The Chapter Treasurefairy signs all checks for monies disbursed, and is responsible for keeping records of all chapter finances.

Director of Service – Lindsey Denzer

The Director of Service acts as the head of the service committee, making sure that the chapter is putting on worthwhile service projects for the college and surrounding music community. The Director of Service also acts as a liaison between the chapter and the service representatives at other chapters.

Historian – Allie Mackenley

The Chapter Historian is responsible for maintaining a written and pictorial record of the activities of the chapter and its bands, as well as create and maintain a family tree of all of the members of our chapter.

Committee Chairs and Minor Officers