Matt Takimoto

Major: Music Technol-wait…Music Composi-wait…screw it get me out of here General Music

Graduated: 2010

Instrument: Trumpet

Class: Alpha

Family: The Takimoto Family

Big: I’m just gonna claim Dr. Wiltshire as my big because I don’t have one and he basically raised me.

Little: Eli “Best Hugs Ever” Johnson

Executive Positions: President

What have you been up to since graduating?: I worked in schools for four years, went back and got my Masters in Education at UC-Berkeley, and now I teach first grade in Oakland, CA.

Fun Fact: I am Trevor Jones’ first love.

If you were a cereal, what cereal would you be and why?: Crispix; made of multiple grains/ethnicities, relatively uninteresting, secretly delicious